Welcome to Cosmokalam Academy

Cosmokalam academy is an education platform that offer courses in Kalām and related subjects.

  1. The Principles of Daqīq al-Kalām: will contain an overview of the history of kalām, the methodology of kalām, the five principles (atomism, temporality, re-creation, indeterminism, and spacetime integrity) will be explained in some details. Applications in some areas of physics and biology will be discussed on the conceptual level.
  2. Concepts of modern physics for non-physicists: due to the need for acquaintance with the basic concepts of modern physics, researchers in kalām need to get the basics of modern physics which includes the theory of relativity and quantum physics. Basic concepts involved in these two theories will be explained in a simplified way maintaining the scientific accuracy. No mathematical derivations will be included in this course. Philosophical implications of Relativity theory and Quantum Physics will be discussed.

We are now offering two courses:


Participants in these courses could be students and researchers who have a university degree in, physics, mathematics, psychology, philosophy and theology.

Forthcoming Courses

  1. Kalām Cosmology: this will include the presentation of modern cosmology within the physical context glimpsing upon kalām vision of the subject. The course will include the discovery of the expanding universe, the big bang scenario, and the problems with the big bang.
  2. Problems with modern cosmology: this is an advanced course offered for researchers from physics and philosophy background. This includes inflation theory, the accelerating universe, dark matter and dark energy, current problems with theoretical physics.

There are numbers of research topic that we can collaborate on with sponsorship from interested academic institutions. We offer proposal for research and accept ideas and proposals from researchers. Such joint works will establish the scientific base for developing programs in daqīq al-kalām and its applications.

Collaboration On Research Works